Workspace Project

Inmaculada Piqueres Díez and Augusto González Bello - School for New and Professional Technology CICE in Madrid.

Located on the outskirts of the city of Madrid, the office project consists of 4 volumes that revolve around a central courtyard and simultaneously look out onto the surroundings, seeking a sense of openness and union with nature.

Following a simple design line, the buildings rise about 30 cm from the ground and are connected by two planes that make up the floor and ceiling of the various spaces, uniting the entire project while at the same time strengthening its horizontality and simplicity.

As for the enclosure, we have opted for 3 systems: in first place and with greater use, glass is used to allow for visual communication and connection with the landscape. In second place, a system composed of slats covered with ceramic pieces imitating Corten steel to filter the privacy of spaces; and, lastly, a full stone cladding enclosure, due to issues pertaining to the installations and security.

Thus, evoking a simple but modern architecture, showing that work surfaces can be spacious and pleasant, without the need to seek complex forms to make it attractive.

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Ismael Dris Martínez De Tejada - ARQVI Architectural and Visualization Studio

We start with the idea of a continuous space with increased volume in its development. To make the space continuity viable by dividing the various rooms to make compatible uses, the initial part is folded spirally generating various interconnecting rooms that lead from one to another.

Because we are starting with a continuous volume, and the rooms are by the folding of the part, the materials are also continuous throughout its development.

It is a double-skin Krion piece with polyurethane core, which when filled and due to the properties of the material, works as a self-supporting element with high energy-efficiency and sustainability performance.

It can be understood as a prefabricated system assembled onsite with the injected polyurethane core, which facilitates its transport and reduces production costs.

We thus achieve a final Krion interior and exterior finish, with a Link Floor Contract Gravel continuous technical flooring, generating a neutral, multipurpose space for any worker who requires it for their workplace.

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Tourism information kiosks in Madrid

José Manuel Sanz Architectural Studio

This urban piece is designed for the promotion of the cultural values of the city of Madrid. The tourist information Kiosk is a unique piece, recognizable as a place for information about the city.

The design can adapt to very different urban spaces, placed in various strategic locations: Plaza de Callao, Paseo de Recoletos, in the surroundings of the Museo del Prado, in the surroundings of the Museum Reina Sofia, and in the Paseo de la Castellana.

The Kiosk has three attention points, which emerge with the intention of creating concave areas for welcoming visitors and that are manifested in a single piece of furniture-counter that meets all the kiosk’s operating needs.

Special attention has been paid to the shade it creates. The roof rotates with respect to the object to create greater coverage from the Sun and rain at the customer service points, providing hierarchy to some areas over others.

We have tried to make the design provide visual lightness and transparency so that it can be seen through, without interrupting the urban space, and so that the tourist information officers have the feeling of being in an outdoor space in the middle of the city.

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