1st Porcelanosa Design Competition

KRION™ Solid Surface offers a wide range of colors of Solid Surface Sheets, including a white finish that stands out for its purity and neutrality in comparison with other similar material.
Competition Documents


PORCELANOSA Grupo is one of the pioneers in material resource destination among architects and designer community. PORCELANOSA Grupo started in 1973 in Villarreal, Spain and now has presence in 150 countries of the world as a premium manufacturer and (or) supplier of tiles, natural stone, engineered wood, lamination flooring, sanitary-ware, kitchens and KRION™.

In association of PORCELANOSA Grupo, Nupami BD LTD has started their journey in 2014. Their promoted KRION™ Porcelanosa Solid Surface for opportunities here in Bangladesh and created a new window for designer and architects in creative industry. The competition of “PORCELANOSA Design Competition” by Nupami BD LTD in collaboration with IAB is to be launched to make Krion reach architects and designers all across the country and familiarize them with the diverse use of KRION™.

Background image: EdilBi Suisse. Design: Fabio Gianoli


1. Kitchen Furniture: Design products that can be used in Kitchen: COUNTER TOP & CABINET.

2. Exterior Furniture: Design products that can be used gardens, poolside or any other exterior space: BENCH / CHAIR & TABLE.

3. Living Room Furniture: Design products that can be used in the living room of a residence: SEATING, TABLE & SHELF.

4. Office Furniture: Design Products for that can be used in office work zone, waiting, reception etc.: CONFERENCE TABLE / WORKING TABLE.

Background image: KREUS By Nihil Estudio


The competition will begin with an advertisement on National Dailies on 10/01/2018. Each competitor must register through the following process:

Step 1: Participants have to go on Porcelanosa competition website http://www.porcelanosa-interiorismo.com/design-competition/. You can find the competition web link at IAB website as well.

Step 2: Fill out the online registration page and submit. You will receive a unique code via email

Step 3: Download all the competition and Krion related information from the website using the unique code.

Step 4: The Hard copy of registration form needs to be sent to IAB office address via courier or personally by the participant to reconfirm the registration.

Background image: Manaje by “Infinito”


Assessment Criteria:

  • Entries must integrate Krion (at least 75%) and its characteristics to the designed product
  • Functional and user-friendly furniture design
  • Aesthetical design approach
  • Diverse design possibility of using Krion in product design.
  • Ergonomics, structural integrity, safety

Jury panel

  • A.M. Saadullah (Tutu)

    Industrial designer & Entrepreneur

  • Ar. Ramir Gil

    Manager at KRION A&D Consultant

  • Ar. Mustafa Ameen

    Practicing Architect

  • Ar. Marina Tabassum

    Practicing architect & Educator

  • Ar. Jesús Aparicio

    Practicing Architect & Educator

Background image: M2 Ibiza Construct. Design: Veronica Mar


First Prize - Tk. 1, 00,000.00 (Taka One lakh only), Crest & Certificate in each category.

Commendation Prize - Crest & Certificate in each category.

In case of commercial production of the winning designs, the designers will get a 2% royalty on the use of each of their designed furniture and their names will be in patented format. The products will be identified/ named after the designer's name.

Background image: AUTIS Ingenieros. Gandia, Valencia (España)

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Registration closed

Please visit us back when the 2nd cycle of the competition begins.


  1. Eligibility to compete. The competition is designed as a single stage national, anonymous furniture design competition. All fellow members/ members/ associate members of IAB shall be considered eligible for participation. Architects can participate individually or in a group; one project in each category
  2. Publicity during the competition period. Once the jury's decision on the designs and proposals has been finalized, the competition result will be made available. During competition period, the competing participants are expected not to give interviews, make comments, or in any other way make public (including social media) their own or others' entries until the competition result is disclosed.
  3. Submission:
    • LANGUAGE. All competition submittals are to be provided in English.
    • ANONYMITY. During the competition, the anonymity of the entrants must be ensured. All submittals are to have 50 x 50 mm blank square box (on top right corner). Digital material should also be untraceable. A sealed envelope containing the DECLARATION FORM should accompany the submittals. The envelope must be marked with blank square box only. Revealing the identity of any entrant during competition period will lead to the disqualification of the design and proposal.
    • SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS. Deviations from the documents to be submitted as asked for in the following will lead to the jury excluding the design and proposal from assessment. The project must be presented in digital format and must be organized in folders, as indicated below:

      - Scale: 1”= 1’-0”
      - Panel size: A1, Landscape
      - Maximum sheet nos.: 01 (one)

      A maximum no. of one panel per project including details of the plan, section, elevation & Axonometric/ perspective views of the products in landscape format is required. The panels must be in PDF format with a resolution of 300 dpi. The images must depict the functionality and concept, use and application of the PORCELANOSA Grupo Krion materials.

      - Scale:1”= 1’-0”
      - Base size: 20 inch x 20 inch

      SOFT COPY: All participants need to submit all documents via website within submission timeline.
      - All drawings in CAD and PDF format.
      - All illustrations in suitable high-resolution format and PDF format.
      These must be included in a general folder featuring only the reference number provided on pre-registration. The general folder must be compressed into a .ZIP type file for uploading on the submission date. Projects containing details of their authors will not be accepted.
  4. Insurance. Entrants are expected to make backup copies of their designs and proposals. Participants submitting their panels and models via courier are requested to take necessary precautions while packaging. The competition organizers will not be responsible for any damage to submitted materials during transportation
  5. Submission address. All submittals to be reached at the following.
    Date: 11th March 2018
    Time: 4pm to 8pm
    Venue: IAB CENTRE
    Plot- 11, Block- E, Road- 7
    Sher-E-Bangla Nagar, Agargaon, Dhaka.

    Include separate sealed, opaque envelopes containing the DECLARATION FORM as parts of submission. All submitted competition materials should be marked with 50 x 50 mm blank square box.
  6. Ownership. The Client retains ownership of the submitted documents up to publication of competition result. The entrants will be notified by email when and where these will be returned.
  7. Copyright. The Architect/ Architects/ Consulting Firm reserve the copyright of its respective submittals.
  8. Publishing and exhibiting. The Client has the right to freely publish competition designs and proposals. Designs and proposals may be exhibited and published during the competition period while maintaining anonymity for the entrants.

Background image: Al Noor Island. Sharjah, UAE, United Arab Emirates. Architecture Studio: 3deluxe


What is the recommended finish for the KRION™, gloss or matt? How can we get them?
The finish can be gloss or matt depending on the sanding. As far as possible, the surface finish must adapt to the type of application and use that the final product will have. Generally the sanding is done with abrasives of aluminum oxide or silicon carbide on a paper base, of grain P80, P120, P180, P240, P320 and P400 thus reaching a matte finish. Abrasives S500, P800 and S1000 to achieve a satin finish. The polished finishes or "high gloss" is achieved by applying polishing paste that can be of abrasive 5000, 7000 or 11000. The application of this polishing paste is made with sponge or wool discs. Manual or machine polishing of the KRION™ is mainly for decorative purposes. Before sanding the surface of KRION™, remove the dust and particles deposited with a cloth dampened in soapy water. Each user can specify a different finish, but we will always advise the matt or satin finish, because it facilitates the daily maintenance of the surfaces. A gloss finish is more difficult to maintain.

Who is the KRION™ fabricator in Bangladesh?
Nupami BD LTD

Why is the KRION™ suitable for hospitals?
The use of the Krion for hospitals and operating rooms is adequate because it is aseptic. Resistant to fungi and bacteria. Does not allow the proliferation of fungi and bacteria. Very low volatility of organic components (VOCs).

Can we use KRION™ as floor material?
It is not recommended to use for floor, but the latest colors with larger and abrasion resistant chips could be recommended for places of low traffic. Always following the manufacturer's recommendations for this use.

What is the main different between KRION™ and the rest of the competitors?
Higher mineral content and it means whiteness and greater resistance to fire than our competitors. In addition, the small particle size of the mineral content allows us to thermocurve more easily than the competition.

Who can participate in this competition?
Within a group, minimum one Architect participant is needed to be eligible to participate.

What would be the size of the designed product?
You have to make a model of the design in scale 1” = 1”-0” and the model needs to fit into a base that is 20 inch x 20 inch. So, the design cannot exceed dimensions that need to be scaled down to fit in the mentioned base size.

Is there any limitation for maximum number of members in a group?
No. Groups can be as large or small as the participant wants.

What is the maximum file size that can be uploaded in the submission website?
Participants are required to submit only the panel (pdf format) and all drawings (AutoCAD format) digitally. Total file size of everything combined should be 10 MB.

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